How to use your crystals!

How to use your crystals!

How crystal healing works:

Crystals are formed by natural alignments of minerals built up over time! This formation is structured in such a way that an energy field is created within and around every crystal that can actually alter the vibrations of the user and help to heal them.

History of crystals:

Crystals have been used for their powerful properties for thousands of years!

The Egyptians left a vast record of their history and there are many instances of them using crystals in their jewellery and headwear. Cleopatra was said to have her servants grind up lapis lazuli to mix with wax for her distinctive eye make up! 

The Roman soldiers and Gladiators used crystals carved into amulets and wore them round their neck for protection. Young maids would give a talisman to their soldier as they marched off to conquer nearby lands! 

The Chinese favoured jade pieces to bring abundance and to ward off evil spirits. You will often see in Chinese businesses still today, carvings made out of jade to bring them luck and prosperity.

The famous dream catcher, originated from the Native Americans. Their dream catchers had crystal beads weaved into them to ward off bad dreams.

It's true that crystals have been used and trusted hugely in history to heal the world. 


How to clear and cleanse stones:

You should always clear and cleanse your crystals when you purchase them. This brings them back to their original energy and cleanse them of any negative energy. There are a few methods of cleansing crystals, you should choose the one that suits you best, and feels right.  We have picked some of the most popular methods below:


  • Water Cleansing

Hold the crystal in your hand and put it under fresh, running water. It is best to go to a stream that is naturally running. Run the crystals under the water for around 5 minutes. (Not all crystals can be cleansed with water so always do a quick search to check your crystal can be water cleansed.)


  • Earth Cleansing 

Bury your crystal in dry ground. This can be done outside if there is no chance of rain, as you must keep the soil dry. Earth cleansing is deep cleansing and it is best done for a period of a full month from the new moon to the next new moon, although it can be shorter if this feels good to you. 


  • Smoke Cleansing 

To cleanse your crystal with smoke, hold the crystal lightly and move it back and forth through the smoke that rises from burning incense, sage, or Palo Santo. We recommend Palo Santo. Allow five minutes for smoke cleansing. 


  • Moon Cleansing
This is done the day before, during, or after the Full Moon. Place your crystal outside in direct sight of the moon and leave it overnight or as long as the moon is visible. The crystal can be placed for moon cleansing on a cloudy night and it will still be cleansed. Do not let the crystals get wet if it rains. Also, it is best to cleanse outside, not through glass on a windowsill. 


  • Reiki Cleansing 

Hold your crystal carefully between your cupped hands and give it a boost of reiki energy. Better still, place it on an upturned glass so you can cup your hands around the crystal without touching it. 


  • Sound Cleansing

You can use sound waves and their vibrations to cleanse your crystals. Hold your crystal near a singing bowl so it can feel the vibrations. Other instruments like drums, triangles or bells will also clear your crystals. Take at least 5 minutes to clear your crystal with sound.


  • Sunlight Cleansing


Some crystals can be cleansed by the sun. Leave them for only 5 minutes. Sun cleansing is better for crystals that are red, orange, and yellow, as other crystals will fade in the sun e.g - amethyst. The sun is the giver of life and an extremely powerful energiser for crystals!


How to activate and charge your crystals:

Once you've cleansed your crystal, it's now time to awaken it! Crystals can simply be awaked by touching or holding them, place them onto your skin, or into your palms. You can also charge your crystals by programming intentions into them! This allows your crystal to heal you more clearly. To do this, hold your crystal and set an intention onto the crystal of how you'd like it to help you. Breathe deep and visualise.


Different ways of working with your crystals:

There are many ways to start using your crystals, we are going to list a few, choose the methods that you feel most drawn too!

  1. Hold the crystals in the palms of your hand.
  2. Use them as part of your meditation or yoga routine, you can do this by holding them, or placing them around, or near you.
  3. Put them in your bra (remember to remove them before washing!)
  4. Put them in your wallet or purse! (Good for abundance)
  5. Take a bath with them (Check whether your crystal can go in water first)
  6. Decorate a space with them or put them around your home!
  7. Pop a small calming crystal under your pillow case.
  8. Use them as an energy cleanser on your body.
  9. Nestle them up with your plants! (Just make sure you remove them before watering unless they are safe)


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