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Epidot in Prehnite Generator Tower Point "The HEALING stone"

Epidot in Prehnite Generator Tower Point "The HEALING stone"

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One of the best crystals for enhancing spirituality, transformation, and removing any fears, or blocks keeping you stuck from moving forward, this crystal is super powerful and promotes a huge array of healing benefits.


  • Very grounding
  • Intense spiritual healing properties
  • Encourages spiritual regeneration 
  • Heals immense exhaustion 
  • Promotes physical recovery after severe illness 
  • Increases personal power 
  • Raises vibrational energy 
  • Releases negative energy 
  • Alleviates nightmares, phobias and fears 
  • Uncovers and heals 'dis-ease' in the body
  • A stone for dreaming and remembering who we are and why we came to earth
  • Good for hyperactive children 
  • Heals the kidney and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chests and lungs
  • Alleviates anxiety 


*Note that colour, inclusions and markings may differ slightly to the picture due to the unique nature of crystals

*For educational purposes only 

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